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15 May 2007 @ 07:32 pm
13 May 2007:
Sabrina's enjoying the weekend. Granted, she's on call, but that just means she has to be ready to drop and run to the clinic if something comes up, not that she can't enjoy herself until such time as an emergency crops up. She's wearing a bright blue blouse today, as opposed to her more usual T-shirts, but the worn, comfortable jeans and tennis shoes are the same. She's window shopping, eyeing some truly godawful looking dresses in a shop window with an undisguised look of horror on her face. How can *anyone* wear such things?

Speaking of godawful looking clothes, Cipto Rakata looks like he might have been running out. He strolls down the crowded mall walkway wearing blue jeans and a relatively harmless plain yellow button-down short-sleeved shirt rather than his trademark batik monstrosity. But the clear plastic bag that dangles from the crook of one arm displays that he's remedied the situation - the specific print of the fabric is not clear from the way it's folded, but it definitely involves watermelon, teal, and yellow. His walk is slow and even, and he appears unfazed by the crowds, slipping through with practiced ease to avoid collision.

Piotr is, once again, out of the mansion, which is becoming rather the pattern at the moment, but this time he is neither alone nor with one of the two young women who occupy a rather disproportionate amount of his time. Here as chaperone -- and hopefully not a bodyguard -- to one of te school's unluckier students, he heads out of the previous shop with a glance across to make sure Walter is still following, asking lightly, "All right, where to next?"

Walter follows out, empty handed, having found nothing in that store either. He gnaws on his bottom lip a little as he looks around. "Not sure..." He taps his foot lightly. "How about that way?" he asks, pointing towards the store the yellow-shirted individual just stepped out of.

Sabrina turns to move to the next window, shaking her head at the dresses still, and starts towards Cipto as well. This store seems to be even worse than the last one, and she wrinkles her nose a bit at the window display. "What are clothes designers *thinking* these days?" She mutters, just loud enough to be heard by anyone passing close by. "This stuff is hideous."

Cipto continues his weaving through the crowd, avoiding excited children weaving about at knee level as well as older customers who need to shop in plus-size stores. The sound of speech coming from all over the room is muddled to him, but as he continues his path away from the store where he bought the shirt, his eyes fall across Sabrina and gentle smile of recognition creeps over his face. His eyes widen and he tilts his chin toward her as he continues to approach.

Agreeing with nothing more explicit than a nod, Piotr sets off in the direction Walter pointed, his steps kept short for all that his young companion is no longer quite so exceptionally short compared to him. Still a good deal taller than most of those around him, the Russian uses his vantage point to glance around the crowds for any other promising shops, pausing to ask, "What precisely do you need?"

"I'm looking for something for Mira," Walter responds, glancing up at all the various signs. Absorbed as he is, he fails to recognize Sabrina as they draw close.

Sabrina catches Cipto's nod, and responds in kind, even though she does not immediately recall that she'd talked to him briefly. Looking up at Cipto, however, brings someone else into her line of sight, and her eyes go wide. "Walter!" It's practically a shout, and Sabrina hurries over, heedless of the big, muscular, slightly glowery fellow that's sort of between her and Walter, and the fact that Walter and she were never actually introduced when they met. "My god, it's good to see you. I've been worried about you. How are you doing?"

Cipto's smile falls into a more neutral expression as Sabrina rushes past him, and he lifts one hand to rub the side of his index finger against his chin as she continues to speak loudly behind him. Curiosity winning over courtesy for the time being, Cipto turns to look in the direction from which he came earlier, and with a few steps finds himself in front of Piotr rather than Sabrina and Walter. Tiny Indonesian, meet big Russian. "Oh, sorry, sorry," he offers upward at the near collision.

Looking around as someone calls Walter's name, Piotr blinks slightly at the woman's hurrying towards them and turns his head to watch her, missing Cipto entirely until it is almost too late. His, "Oh, I beg your pardon," mingles with Cipto's own apology, and he gives a faintly sheepish smile down at the much smaller man. "I am sorry," he adds out of habit. "I should have been watching."

Walter tenses, putting his arms between himself and the approaching woman by reflex. Then he gets a good look at her face, and the arms lower, him stammering for a bit before saying. "I, I'm okay, I guess..." he responds, holding up his cast to show a souviner of sorts from their last meeting. "Are you okay?"

Sabrina pulls up when Walter tenses up, belatedly realizing that coming at someone who's been attacked might not be the best idea. She winces in sympathy at sight of the cast. "I'm fine. I was black and blue for a week, but nothing worse than that. I'm sorry you got hurt as bad as you did. Wish I could have stopped them." Finally, tall and muscly registers on Sabrina's radar, and she glances over. And *up*. She's on the tall side for a woman, but ... dang. This guy is TALL. And big. "Ummm ... hi." She offers. "You must be a friend of Walter's?"

Cipto squints as Piotr speaks, continuing to rub his chin as he filters the accent. His own accent is quite obvious, though not incomprehensible, as he responds, "No, no, I should have also watched." His eyes open wider again, and he shoots his own apologetic look up at Piotr. "There is no problem. Ok." The gentle smile returns for a moment, then he casts one more glance back toward Sabrina before slipping once more into the crowd of the mall, his collision-dodging mojo kicking more effectively back into gear as he does so.

Cipto buys another ugly shirt! And runs into Sabrina, Walter, and Piotr in the process, in one case nearly literally.

The scene continued after I left, and the rest is posted in xmm_piotr's LJ.